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Pets Rules and Regulations Reminder

Date: January 14, 2020

It is the obligation that each Homeowner in our Community adhere to the Governing Documents set forth for the Lewisville Waters Edge COA. Our Community is striving to continue to be a beautiful place in which to reside harmoniously with our neighbors. We are all bound to conform to the Articles of our Covenants.It has been brought to our attention; the need to remind Owners of our Pets Rules and Regulations.

    1. Pet Agreement: Owner must complete a pet registration form furnished by the manager when a pet is acquired it within seven day after taking up occupancy in the Property
    2. Leashes: Pets must be leashed or carried while in Common Elements. No pets may be leashed to a stationary object on the Common Elements
    3. Dog Walk and Pooper Scooper: Pets must only use designated areas to relieve themselves. Owner are responsible for the removal of pet’s wastes from the property

Note: The Board of Directors may levy a fine against a Unit and its Owner each time feces or urine are discovered on the Common Elements and attributed to animal in the custody of such Owner.

We appreciate your cooperation. Please be kind courteous to your fellow neighbors by adhering to the community’s Rules and Regulations. Non-compliance of the community’s documents may result in a violation and/or fine.

Lewisville Waters Edge COA

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